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Lisa Thompson APRN

Welcome to Desert Spring Behavioral Health

Desert Spring Behavioral Health is located at 640 E. 700 S. on the second floor (Suite 205B) of the Morningside Professional Plaza. We hope that you’ll come and visit us soon.

We provide our clients of all ages with a private, and relaxed environment and a small staff that provide you with respect and privacy. Each therapy session follows the ‘individual therapy’ method so that your sessions are between you and your therapist.

Lisa works mainly with adults 18 years of age and older with emotional and/or behavioral issues, those suffering from any one of a variety of disorders, as well as depression and other mood disorders, and those needing medication management or crisis intervention.

Paige is available for children ages 6 years of age, teenagers as well as adults and seniors. While Paige specializes in helping those suffering from Depression, Anxiety and ADHD, she also helps those with emotional and/or behavioral issues.

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For more information on what Lisa and Paige offer, visit ‘Our Services’ page.

mental health - girl resting head on her arms
Depression is more than just having the blues, feeling sad or just going through a difficult month or two. Depression is a serious mental health condition that requires understanding, treatment and a good recovery plan to overcome.
mental health - woman in contemplation
Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by events and our standard coping mechanisms fail, so we try new strategies in an attempt to cope such as substance abuse, deliberate self-harm or violent behavior. Crisis therapy aims to intervene as soon as possible in order to help the individual to minimize and overcome it to avoid a complete psychological breakdown.
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Psychiatric disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, eating and bipolar disorders, affect millions of people around the world. Without intervention and treatment, they can have devastating effects and interfere with daily life. Let us help to improve your life.

Come Visit Us!

You can find us in the  Morningside Professional Plaza located at 640 East and 700 South in St George, Utah.

Come on in and journey up to the second floor to suite 205B at the north end.
Don’t worry, there is an elevator available, or you can get a bit of exercise and take the stairs – they’re hiding behind the door near the rear entrance.

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Image of the Morningside Professional Plaza
Front Entrance
Desert Spring Behavioral Health - Upstairs lobby

A view of the upstairs lobby.

Desert Spring Behavioral Health - downstairs lobby.

Downstairs lobby area.

Desert Spring Behavioral Health - Rear Entrance

Rear Entrance.